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We got chance to sit down with super-hot singer Athena The Wolfe on set of the Missguided Lingerie campaign shoot to chat about life, live gigs and lingerie. With over 12.5k followers on Insta, she’s one cool girl you should have on your radar and start following immediately…

athena wolfe

As a singer, what’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

I used to write with an incredible producer and good friend of mie – he produces the dopest music and he decided to do a live set. It was drum and bass but with live drums and live bass rather than the usual electronically produced sound. I performed the live vocals and the whole production was insane. The atmosphere was on fire and performing that genre of music live was so much fun.

How did you get into making music?

I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. My godmother is Judie Tzuke [an English singer songwriter] and so from a young age, together with my mamma, they encouraged me to write to express my creativity. I used to write songs in my diary and record them on a tape player and listen back. When I was 11 I entered and won a songwriting competition and recorded my first ever track in a studio. Ever since (though I know it sounds cliché) I’ve been in love with music and have written songs consistently. I can track my life and events that took place through my songbooks.

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Who’s your fave DJ right now?

These days the term DJ is so broad and applies to so many different genres. It’s hard to choose just one but I have fond memories of one DJ in particular…I moved to Bristol when I was 17 and got pretty heavily into the drum and bass scene. I went to a lot of raves and loved all of the subgenres within drum and bass. So from that my fave DJ has always been Alix Perez. I like dark, minimal and moody drum and bass and he always smashes it.

Describe your sound in 5 words…

Honest, raw, atmospheric, cathartic and satisfying

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What inspires you to write music?

Humans – the magic and damage they can do. The void within ourselces that we try to fill with other humans, and the bigger void that’s left when they leave.

What are you working on right now?

Making an album. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel thousands of miles across the globe working with jaw-droppingly talented musicians, fusing imaginations and combining ideas to make some epic new sh*t.

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 What’s on the agenda for the rest of 205?

Write, write, write! And travel. Keep meeting new and inspiring musicians and making dope songs with them. Every new person has something unique to offer and contribute and when you think about how many incredible artists the Internet has given a platform to, it’s so exciting.

 What’s the last thing you listened to?

Dumb by Nirvana. Kurt Cobain taps onto a very deep, delicate and raw sort of adolescent part of my psyche that still exists. I really wish he was still here, I’d give anything to have met him and just ask him ALL the questions.

 If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Spooky Black, Please get to know him if you don’t already.

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 Now let’s talk lingerie…what’s your favourite piece from the new Missguided Lingerie collection?

The black lace cut out bra, I love it!

How important is underwear to you?

Very important. I’m really into beautiful lingerie and seeing hints or slips of underwear through or under clothes. Not only that but a good set of underwear does something to your body that no other item of clothing can. It can be emotive or suggestive or just accentuate the body like no other piece can.

What’s your lingerie style?

Strappy and lacey. A thin lace bra with minimal padding that allows you to see the natural shape to me is sexy. And I’m for sure a 24/7 thong kinda b*tch. I’m nasty like that, haha.

athena the wolfe interview

 When do you feel at your most sexy?

When wearing a beautiful lingerie set for sur. With a dressing gown over the top to add extra sleeze 😉

Any tips on finding the right underwear?

Make sure it fits beautifully! And is comfortable too, which will naturally happen if it’s the right size anyway.

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