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Meet Cat, the health and fitness blogger at We sent Cat the new season Missguided Active collection to trial whilst she practises her daily yoga, and also caught up with her to chat all things fitness, healthy eating and blog related. Check it out…

cat meffan interview

So it’s the start of the year, what are your resolutions?

To master the scorpion handstand pose. In 2015 I focused on my forearm stands and now it’s time for the handstands to shine. I also plan to travel more, meditate every day and upload fitness/yoga videos to YouTube at least twice a month.

What advise would you give to someone wanting to get back into fitness and healthy eating after the Christmas break?

I’m honestly such a sucker for a new gym kit and for me it’s the best motivation. Buy yourself some new bits to show off in at the gym and just go for it. If that’s still not incentive enough then get a friend involved. It’s much easier to get motivated when two of you have a goal to reach together.

Where does your motivation to work out come from?

I’m naturally quite a motivated person and because I love fitness and wellbeing so much it rarely feels like a chore. Obviously there are some mornings when I need to get my butt out of bed at 6am to go for a run so in times like these I scroll through my Instagram feed and find my inspo and motivation there.

cat meffan

What’s the hardest thing about working gout every day?

Probably the same thing as most people – finding the time to fit it all in. I do resistance training, running, yoga and gymnastics so it can be tough to find the time to do it all. I have a little table printed out that I use to plan my workouts for the week and then tick them off when I’ve completed each one. Not only does it help schedule workouts around everything else, but ticking it off gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

How do you fit your workouts around work?

I won’t lie; it was hard when I had a 9-5 job. I had to dedicate all of my lunch hours to it and on days when work was too busy, I either had to get up at 5.30am or workout late in the evening. Getting serious about fitness does take a lot of time and dedication but if the kind of fitness you’re doing is something you enjoy, then it should feel like fun.

What’s on your January playlist?

I’m such a creature of habit when it comes to my workout music and I pretty much always listen to them same stuff; either Guns and Roses, Gaslight Anthem, old school garage or Justine Bieber for running and gym sessions and then I love listening to Cat Stevens when I do yoga.

interview cat meffan

What does a typical day in food look like for you?

I’m currently having a meat-free January so today I’ll be eating a green smoothie for breakfast, eggs and avocado on rye bread for lunch, carrots and hummus as a snack and a mixed bean chilli with cabbage and broccoli for dinner.

What’s in your fridge now?

Barely anything! My partner and I are trying to get into the habit of doing weekly shops but we seem to be failing. Currently there is some almond milk, a red onion, some peppers and the ingredients for chilli tonight.

How did you first get into fitness blogging?

I wanted a way to motivate myself as it had really dropped and was struggling to get my fitness mojo back. My partner suggested starting a blog, because if I was telling other people about my plans then I was much more likely to through with them It totally worked and after 3 years of it I’m more motivated than ever and have the amazing job of helping inspire and motivate others too.

missguided interview cat meffan

What’s in your gym kit?

I always have my resistance bands with me, along with my wireless headphones, filter water bottle, a towel and a spare pair of leggings and sports bra…you never know when you might want to pop into the studio to take some photos for the blog and my social channels!

Can you describe your workout style?

I pretty much live in high-waisted, full-length leggings and sports bras. Oh, and I’m a big fan of a matching set.

What’s your favourite piece from the Active collection?

I love the simple-yet-chic leggings with holes down the side with matching crop top. The crop is so comfy, perfect for wiggling around in at yoga.

missguided interview

What’s your favourite exercise?

Gymnastics! It’s so fun to try new moves and to throw yourself around, you don’t even notice that you’re giving your whole body a workout…until it aches the day after!

What’s the weirdest exercise you’ve tried?

I don’t think I’ve done anything overly weird. I did do aerial hoop classes for a few months which I loved. I just enjoyed pretending to be in the circus!

How important is looking good whilst you work out to you?

It’s important for my confidence. There’s nothing worse than worrying about your tattered old leggings being see-through when you squat! A nice fitting kit is also a great conversation starter in the gym. I’ve made new gym buddies just because of a pair of snazzy leggings I wore once.

cat meffan blogger

What do you love to do besides keeping fit and blogging?

Aside from the blog I love to design jewellery and at the moment I’m addicted to colouring books! My favourite things to do at the weekend are walking around the park with my partner (rain or shine!) and going home for an epic roast dinner at my mum and dads house.

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