An Interview with Russell Bateman: SBC x MISSGUIDED

by | January 20, 2015

skinny bitch collective interview

Having teamed up with the SBC for the launch of Missguided Active, we wanted to know more about the man behind the most talked about fitness program of the moment. He’s worked with some of the hottest and most kick-ass females in the world right now so we caught up with Russell Bateman to ask how the hell he came up with the idea and what’s next for the brand…

So, tell us what the Skinny Bitch Collective is all about?

SBC is quite simply the most talked about training and wellness project for women right now. Preaching sex, sleep and squatting and fusing new wave strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC primal movements.

The elite crop of British supermodels, Suki Waterhouse, Neelam Gill amongst others, swear by SBC and are training alongside the next generation of female icons. These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition.

Having coached athletes and trained alongside some top health professionals, I designed a training regime through a collective which was aimed specifically at promoting lean, strong, empowering women through re-educating them on the misconceptions around fitness and wellness.

sbc experience russell bateman

 How did it start?

It was born with a few pictures of one or my clients being posted on to social media. People went crazy for it and loved the name. It made people stop and look. As soon as you get someone’s attention then it’s up to you to get the message across. The message of SBC will upgrade anyone’s life for the better. 

Could you give us a bit of background on the name ‘Skinny Bitch Collective’? I’m sure it receives a lot of attention as a brand name, and not all necessarily positive attention in some cases…

I completely understand if the name polarises opinion but that’s life! If people are attracted to the name for the wrong reasons then I’m sure they’ll change or have already changed their minds when they have looked a bit deeper. A girl once commented “you training more skinny bitches today?” a playful observation that led to a catchy name that thousands upon thousands of people love. Trying to please everyone is a sure fire way to failure and there are far more conservative names that are far more damaging to female health. This is the most forward thinking and empowering regime out there for females right now.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Reading, feeding, training, resting and the trying to breathe deeply. Moderation and consistency with these elements are key to feeling amazing mentally, physically and spiritually sound.

Why did you first get into fitness?

I was always into football and studied sports journalism for a bit at university. I started working part-time in a gym and then educated myself and gained the right qualifications to progress and develop my own skill set.

kale urself russell bateman

 Tells us what a good food day looks like…

The SBC Breakfast.

Organic salmon fillet with desiccated coconut sprinkles, pistachio and avocado with broccoli and a side of warm lemon water. Omega 3 capsules and digestive enzyme optional.


Sweet potato, broccoli, sauerkraut and some chicken breast. Lots of water.


Kale salad with some peppers, and some almonds.

Who’s your ultimate female icon?

Kate Bush is a big inspiration but I love what FKA twigs is doing. Movement and expression of the body through dance is one of our innermost ways to really connect with your being. It’s like when you train. It’s a massive mood booster. I recently trained Nicole Scherzinger who had an incredible dance talent which really translated when we performed some SBC movements you’ll see in the SBC x Missguided videos.

You have loads of celeb followers and SBC advocates; do you have a secret favourite who works the hardest?

I have to say there are no slackers! Everyone puts in 100%. When Millie, Zara and Whitmore all get together they really bring out the best in each other. There’s a real animalistic playful nature about our sessions. But always intense!

sbc movement

What advice would you give to those who want to get into fitness?

Follow your own path and be your own guinea pig. Take chances and risks and get away from your comfort zone. Identify what you want and how you want to implement your ideas and give yourself the best possible crack at it. Never stop listening to advice and if something creates a resonance in your head. Stick with it.

What work out best describes you?

Heavy lift to sprint to crawl. Messing with the variables. It’s how your life should be too.

Best career moment so far?

I’m not so sure! Just having such a cool supportive bunch of people who support and believe in my vision is the most rewarding.

Dream collaboration?

There are a few coming up 😉

Best track to work out to?

James Holden – Break in the Clouds

Guilty work out track?

East 17 – Stay Another Day

Treadmill or beach?

Sprints on the beach – even tougher!

missguided and sbc intervuew

Secret workout weapon?

An espresso before I start, with some coconut oil. Really good mood and neurotransmitter booster which has great effects on your workouts and can help you burn more fat. Don’t have coffee after!

What would be your super power if you could choose?

My superpower would be the ability to avoid waiting in line. At the movies, the market, the bank. Everywhere. When I want a juice or a train ticket, I want it now!

What would we always find in your kitchen cupboard?

Spirulina powder. It’s an amazing high protein high enzyme superfood. It’s very messy but insanely good for you.

interview with the skinny bitch collective

What’s in your fridge right now?

Lots of Xmas bits. My girlfriend has made me lots of superfood mince pies and we have some leftover turkey too. It’s normally stacked full of green veg and berries. There are a few coconut yoghurts in there too.

What could you not work out without?

Focus. It’s so important. Clarity is important and even if it’s 30% there at the start, it will be full to bursting after the endorphins start to flow midway through.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I take 5 deep breaths and have hot lemon and water to alkalise my digestive system. It really helps.

Skinny Bitch Collective Interview

Best kept workout secret?

The power of sleep and naps – take a nap! There is nothing you can do for yourself that is more important for gaining energy/vitality and restoring your body-mind than sleep! Research shows that taking naps between 10-20 minutes long can have a very beneficial restorative effect on the body-mind. This is a great form of energy cultivation and has no negative side effects either. Getting adequate rest and recovery is key to you reaching your goals and potential.

What motivates you to work out?

Being the best version of me possible. We live in an age where disease and potential illness is rife. Eating healthy and training your butt off now is a great prevention tactic and something we shouldn’t take lightly.

Follow Russell Bateman on Instagram @russellSBC and check out the Skinny Bitch Collective website here

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