by | January 17, 2015

We all know Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day and sometimes you gotta work hard on bringin’ the booty back. So how do we make this s**t happen? We’ve got the lowdown on the hottest apps to download to keep you on the treadmill…


the best fitness apps

Monitor your weight, count your calories and track your exercise. All you need to do is enter what you’ve eaten and how much exercise you’ve done and MyFitnessPal will do the rest to adjust your goals and calorie intake. The bod you’ve always dreamed of is totally within reach.


the best fitness apps

Are you the competitive type? Then this app is definitely for you. Strava tracks you running or cycling and allows you to virtually compete with other racers who followed the same route at another time. It’s also good for finding new routes close to you.

Nike+ Running

the best fitness apps

If you love to run (and even if you don’t), the Nike+ app makes sure you’re constantly challenging yourself. The ‘heat maps’ will show you the difficulty of the runs in your area and you can also share your journey on social media with cool filters and templates.

Daily Ab Workout

the best fitness apps

If you prefer to do a small workout every day and are looking for rock hard abs, then check out the Daily Ab workout app. It includes 100’s of exercises to create ab-fab workouts and includes an e-trainer to keep you motivated. There are also arm, leg and booty workouts if you wanna tone up all over.

Yoga Studio

the best fitness apps

If you’re more of a yoga bunny than hardcore gym-goer, Yoga Studio is both simple and fuss-free. There’s the option of creating your own bespoke workouts, or choosing from more than 16 hours worth of ready-made classes. It also teaches you how to pose, clever!

Food Planner

the best fitness apps

We all know you gotta eat clean to stay fit so using a healthy eating app is a must alongside your workout routine. Plan your meals with FoodPlanner, which organizes all of the healthy recipes you’ve downloaded from across the web and creates your own shopping list of what you’ll need. Key to staying on track!

Mint Nutrition

the best fitness apps

A meal out at a restaurant can rack up the calories pretty quickly. If you eat out a lot then the Mint Nutrition will keep track of your food and help you choose the healthiest option on the menu. Perfect for the socialites who can’t say no to the regular nights out with the gals.