by | January 15, 2016

So for most people () exercising isn’t usually up there in ‘favourite things to do’. Especially when there’s nothing more boring than staring at a blank wall whilst trying to reach 5k on the gyms’ rundown running machine. But we’ve still gotta get up off our butts and do something, right? 

And that’s where alternative, dare we say it, even fun ways to get fit without realising we’re actually doing anything. Sound good? Thought so. These are our favourite non-gym get-fit activities we think you should try too….

calorie burning sports


It might be something you usually associate with school gym classes, back when the best thing about exercise was that it meant a full hour of chatting with your bezzies without your teacher giving you the evils at close range in a classroom…but we reckon you should give it another go. You’ll either get seriously into it (I’ll be able to do those triple front back flips in no time, sure) or start rolling around on your trampoline in hysterics (which by the way is really good for your abs) because it is actually really funny to see a grown adult fling themselves into the air. Either way, you can trust us that it’s a lot of fun so get yourself down to a trampolining class ASAP.


Hiking becomes much less of a chore if you have a dog. And if you don’t? Just borrow a friends or get yourself on borrowmydoggy.com. Suddenly you don’t mind walking up hills because there’s a cute fluffy animal following you around and there’s nothing funnier than a dog chasing a sheep. We don’t recommend getting a dog especially for the sake of your fitness levels though, if you can’t find a 4-legged friend, just recruit a few of your mates to go with you and everyone can get fit together #winner

sports that burn calories


If you’re a total beach bod then surfing might be the one for you. Granted the UK waters aren’t exactly Mediterranean temperatures but if you get yourself a good wet suit, make sure you stick to the summer months and don’t mind a bit of cold water, then totally go for it. It’s a full body work out and you’ll look like one seriously cool chick in front of your guy friends. If the UK waters seem a little too cold, just try it on holiday instead, it might cancel out all the margaritas you drank the night before!

Rock Climbing

If adrenaline is what keeps you getting out of bed every morning then you might wanna try rock climbing. There’s nothing like the fear of falling from a great height to get the blood pumping. Seriously though, it’s a full body workout and you don’t even have to venture outside, there are rock climbing centres all over the UK so check one out for yourself.

fun sports to burn calories


We’ve all gotta clean and pretty much all of us hate doing it. If you start to think of it as a way to get fit without having to go the gym (two birds one stone people), then you’re gonna feel much more inclined to do. Therefore the more you do it, the better you’ll feel, and bonus points for a super clean house (and loads of girlfriends points).