by | February 7, 2015

So courgetti might be one of the best edible inventions like, ever. It’s super easy to make, tastes good and you can hashtag it #eatclean on Instagram, what’s not to love?

how to make courgetti

So, for 2 people you’ll need:

3-4 courgettes

2 cloves garlic

½ teaspoon olive oil

3 tablespoons of your favourite pesto

Pinch of salt and pepper

½ teaspoon mild chilli powder

Grating of fresh Parmesan

1. First, peel your courgettes skin ‘n’ all into a frying pan spritzed with a little olive oil. Use a julienne peeler if you have one, it creates a more pasta-esque texture but if not, a regular vegetable peeler will work just fine

2. Crush the garlic cloves into the pan and add the salt, pepper and mild chili powder

3. Cook over a medium heat for around 30 seconds before adding pesto

4. Cook for a further 30 seconds to 1 minute (or until the pesto courgetti mix is warmed through)

5. Serve up with a grating of fresh Parmesan and top with your meat, fish or veggies of choice

…and enjoy.