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The Most Insta-Worthy Ice Creams You Need To Try RN

Want an inside scoop on the best ice creams in the UK? We can’t guarantee good weather for the summer but we can give you a round-up of the most instagrammable ice creams you need to try. From goth ice cream, thai-inspired alternatives and cute little parlours, get yourself down to these places RN #nofilter

Chin Chin Laboratories, London

chin chin ice cream london

We had to do a double take on this one, too. Forget your standard ice cream scoop, this one is made from nitrogen and made to order right in front of you. The menu is selective but we’re not complaining. Based in Camden, you can choose from Pondicherry vanilla, Valrhona chocolate, two specials, one of which is a dairy-free sorbet, and a brown-wich (an ice cream scoop sandwiched in between cookies, yes pls). For Halloween, they even released a special menu with meal worms as ice cream toppings. Not quite the sweet treat we’re after, but it’ll pull in those shock likes on Insta when October rolls around again.

They’ve also just opened a new emporium in Soho, so you’ve got no excuses now not to head down there.

Check out their insta @chinchinicecream

LICC, York

York Licc

It’s like your dreamworld has exploded. All handmade and over 150 flavours to choose from, this little traditional ice cream shop in the centre of York is not one to miss. Choose from sorbets, ice cream, frozen yogurts and old-fashioned gifts and sweets. You don’t need to head over to Italy when you get the real deal here. Get yourself down there asap.

Scroll through their insta @liccyork

Milk Train, London

milk train london

Yes these are edible. Move aside Starbucks unicorn frappuccino. If your insta doesn’t have at least one post at this place by the end of the summer, then you’re doing it all wrong. Head down to the Milk Train in Covent Garden. Ideal for those candyfloss + ice cream cravings that we never knew we had. A traditional ice cream cone only sets you back between £3.50 and £3.95 and you can add the candyfloss cloud for an extra £1.

Hit follow on their insta @milktraincafe

Pan N Ice, popping up around the UK!

pan n ice london

Summer in a cup. Founders Rob and Henry went backpacking around Thailand for 2 weeks and stumbled across a new way of serving ice cream. Forget those typical dollops of ice cream, these are expertly rolled with your favourite fruit or sweet stuff for one epic sugar treat. Pan n Ice travelled around the UK in summer 2016, including Cornwall, Edinburgh and Cheltenham. RN they have a spot in Westfield shopping centre as well as a newly-opened spot in Selfridges, London.

See what they get up to on their insta @pan_n_ice

Black Milk Cereal, Manchester

black milk manchester

OK, so they’re more like shakes but they do epic sundaes too. Get yourself down to Black Milk Cereal, located in Afflecks Palace. Opt for a dairy drink with hot chocolate sauce and half a cake on top, or go for a super sundae that deserves a place on Man vs Food. We’re gaining the pounds just by looking at the pictures. This needs to be all over your insta. Go go go.

Check out their website for menus and updated deliveroo news!

Need that black ice cream on your feed?

If you haven’t seen at least one black ice cream on your feed this summer, where have you been hiding? Little Damage in Los Angeles introduced the gothic ice cream made out of charcoaled coconut. Although this exact ice cream parlour hasn’t opened up anywhere in the UK. you can head down to Pear Tree Cafe in Battersea, London who have created their own black ice cream.

Who needs Starbucks unicorn drinks and edible sparkles when you have these fire ice creams?