by | May 17, 2016

anti-agency interview

Tell us about yourselves…

Pandora and I (Lucy) were both stylists previous to starting up Anti-Agency so we’ve used our skills from that. We strongly believe in our model’s primary careers and with a lot of them being artists, we collaborated with Girls Only, an all-female art collective, to put on an exhibition in London with all the talented females we represent. We’ve also branched out into the USA and found some amazing talent in LA we’re working with a lot more frequently.

 Tell us a bit about the growth of Anti Agency…

When we first started up, we were working with more boutique style brands and it was more of a hobby for us. Within a few months however it really took off and now we work with a huge array of clients, from high street to high end brands.

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 What would you consider some of your biggest successes?

Our girls Angelica and Jessica doing Marc Jacobs was pretty major for us! Also Bella walking in the Burberry show and doing the campaign was incredible.

 Would you say the industry has changed since you started the agency?

It’s definitely changed. With social media taking over, people definitely want more than just a pretty face. A lot of the main agencies are now repping girls who are more of the Anti vibe but we think that’s great! It’s good that there’s now a demand for real people with real bodies and something to say. They’re becoming major brand ambassadors over girls with unrealistic body proportions.

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How and where do you scout for new girls?

A lot of our original girls and guys were friends of ours. We get a lot from Facebook too. It’s a more realistic indication of what the person is like and what they’re into. We don’t really do any scouting trips but we go to a lot of gigs and are constantly out and about around London. We’ll often randomly scout someone at a random time.

 Your agency champion’s diversity – do you think we’re seeing a real change in the industry in terms of diversity?

There’s definitely more diversity now which is excellent! However we definitely still have a long way to go. Although it’s more diverse in terms of height, young girls are still being told to lose weight!

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