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If you don’t know Sticks & Stones Agency already, then you’re gonna wanna get to know the couple behind it; Ainsley and Sebastien.

Their wild wedding experience has been shared on the internet hundreds of times over and we can see why.  We’re obsessed with their wedding photos, and we mean obsessed.  Bridesbabes, if you’re planning your wedding day then listen up.  This is the ultimate in wedding inspo for sure.

We caught up with Ainsley to chat Sticks and Stones Agency, wedding planning and that cool AF wedding dress…

sticks and stones wedding

interview with sticks and stones

So tell us about Sticks and Stones Agency…

Sticks & Stones Agency is run by me & my husband (@sebastienfougere). We started out as a clothing label two weeks after we met and fell in love with each other (8 years ago). At some point we evolved into a fashion agency and housed 12 great brands. I also discovered Instagram and started using it as a platform to share awesome pictures I found on the internet, along with personal photos of Sebastien and I on our repping adventures.

As our following started to grow quite rapidly, we thought it would be a good idea to start producing our own content and so started working on shoots using the brands we represented under our agency.  This meant we had access to awesome one-off samples and pre-season stock. After a few months we were getting booked by brands & magazines to produce lookbooks and editorials.

After a couple years of fumbling round the fashion industry, we decided we needed a bigger platform to showcase shoots in their entirety.  So in June 2014, we launched  We now work full time on the website and shooting, and quit the fashion agency all together.

So, Sticks and Stones Agency is actually not an agency at all.


What do you guys get up to at the agency?

 Lots of weird sh*t

So Missguided have just launched a new bridal collection and we’re actually in love with your own wedding. How did you find planning it?

The planning went something like:

Ainsley: Hey babe, we should get married in Vegas by Elvis so we can use the wedding as an excuse to go to LA & also we won’t have to invite anyone. (We live in Australia – way too far for people to travel for a wedding!)

Sebastien: Perfect.

Ainsley: I’ve just booked an Elvis wedding for $200 USD online. We have to get married on the 27th of November.

Sebastien: Sh*t. Let’s do it.

wedding dress

Ainsley: Janneke, can you come take photos of us while we do weird stuff on our wedding day?

Janneke: Hell yes!

Ainsley: Alex, can you make me a dress that looks like this and with this fabric?

Alex: Yes! Let’s add cool sh*t to it like feathers and a big train.

Ainsley: Yes!

Ainsley: Hey Ashlyn & Jess (who I just found on Instagram), can you do my hair & makeup?

Ashlyn & Jess: Hell yes!

6 weeks later we boarded the plane and spent two weeks in Vegas/LA.

agency wedding

How long did it take to plan?

 Probably 3 hours max.  That was mostly time spent booking the flights and hotel.

Visually it was amazing, where did you get the inspo for the whole thing?

We had no inspo.  We just turned up, got drunk and did whatever we felt like doing. Ashlyn & Jess picked us up smoke bombs on route to Vegas.  So really the whole day just revolved around letting them off, taking photos and getting to the chapel on time.

How long have you guys been together?

8 years in August. Married for three in November.

How did you meet?

 Sebastien started working in a cafe that I always used to bring my laptop to for hours each day. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was! I definitely didn’t get any work done in that cafe from then on.

sticks stones agency

Do you have an engagement story?

 Not a cool one. It was just a conversation over dinner about the kids. I think we decided we should get married to help our kids feel more secure about our relationship. At the time my daughter (Ula) was 7, and Sebastien’s kids (Max & Izzy) were 9 & 11. There was definitely no down on one knee type scenario.

What did you get up to on the day?

 I was drunk by 8am, which is rare for me.  Hair and makeup arrived at 9am. They found me wandering the halls of our Vegas hotel, shoeless, trying to find my way back to our room. Before we had a chance to introduce ourselves, we were already laughing hysterically and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.

Ashlyn (hair) brought along her amazing partner, Steve Stone and he proved to be a great addition! I also dubbed Jannek’s (photographer) travel buddy, Denise as bridesmaid that day.

The 7 of us just drove around looking for fun spots to let off smoke bombs and take photos. Steven chauffeured Sebastien and I around in the topless Mustang that the car hire guy conned us into getting.

sticks and stones

He has quite the driving skills too! I remember lots of speeding down dirt roads and car park burnouts.

We were having the best day, and before we knew it we had only 15 minutes to get to the chapel. Since traffic on the wedding strip was crazy, we ended up jumping out of the car half way and running the rest. We had roadworkers stop traffic for us while we crossed the street and pick up my dress over tar.  Spectators were cheering. It all felt like a movie.

When we arrived at the chapel (just in time) I turned around to see that Janneke had been running behind us the whole way taking photos. This sent me into a laughing fit and the receptionist almost turned us away. I managed to calm down and we were escorted into the chapel, and then Elvis entered the building! He must have been around 6’7″ and wearing decorated velvet from shoulder to ankle. I have met a few celebs here and there, but I had never felt star struck until that moment. He escorted me down the aisle while singing an Elvis classic into his hand-held mic & then performed the whole ceremony in an Elvis voice with as many Elvis lyrics as he could use, pelvis thrusting and hips swinging the entire time!

After the formalities, we headed out to the desert for more photos and smoke bombs and then ended the day/night at the tattoo shop we stumbled across.

elvis wedding

Where did you find that dress?

 I co-designed it and had it made by a local designer called Alex Mearing. I found the fabric at our local fabric store. There was 7 meters left at 70% off! I text Alex asking how much fabric she would need and she text back saying 7 meters!

Did you write your own vows?


What was it like getting married in Vegas?

Amazing! But the next day we were more than ready to leave! We aren’t very good at Vegas life!

vegas wedding

How pissed did you really get?

PIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!!!!! But it was steady drinking, so no vomiting or slurring.

What advice would you give to other non-traditional brides?

Screw everyone else

Is there anything you would have done differently looking back?

 We would have stayed in a cooler hotel and researched where to find health food and good coffee.

sticks and stones interview

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