by | February 12, 2015

In December we asked our Instagram followers to tell us about their 2015 fitness goals for the chance to become a Missguided Activist. Who wouldn’t want to win an entire Missguided Active wardrobe & gym membership for a year?! We caught up with two of our Activists Alex & Mari to discuss all things health & fitness…

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Hey Alex, what are your fitness goals for 2015?

To try and complete 5 new sports! Spinning, fell running, rock climbing, swimming and… the floor’s still open for the last to be decided!

What do you love about Missguided Active?

Definitely the colour and fit! My outfit has to work as well as look good, I don’t want to be flashing my knickers in unflattering leggings. I’m so in love with the bold prints, I know I’m fashionable yet ready for fitness!

 Top 3 things that motivate you?

The top three things that keep me motivated are getting stronger, healthier and more confident about my body. Each day I work on liking my reflection, rather than obsessing over celebrities or comparing myself to my latest Instagram model crush!

What’s your cheat day treat?

Pizza, chocolate, ice-cream, cocktails and brownies… oh and some cheese!

What’s your least favourite exercise?

Rowing, I hate the rowing machine at the gym! Although it’s an amazing all body workout, the burn is horrendous! It definitely works.

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Hey Mari, what workout best describes you?

HIT (high intensity training) is short blasts of what feels like the hardest workout ever, but then it’s over and you feel amazing! Like HIT, I can also be very hyper and excitable and then the next moment be quiet, chill out and go for a nap!

What’s your favourite piece from the new Missguided collection?

My favourite piece from the collection has to be the printed full length gym leggings in pink, the colours really pop! The first time I wore them to the gym so many girls were obsessing over them, which made me feel great. Let’s face it no one feels that confident in their gym gear but in these leggings I felt awesome! They are a great fit, really easy to move in, durable and most importantly they passed the squat test!

If you could only workout to one playlist who would you listen too?

Beyoncé!! She is so fierce, strong and above all sassy! If I’m about to give up on the treadmill and Run the World comes on, I pick myself off the floor and give it my best Beyoncé booty shake and power on! I mean have you seen that bum and thighs?! If she can do it, so can I!

What’s your favourite health snack?

My fave healthy snack is a pink lady apple (that I keep in the fridge so they are extra crunchy) with a table spoon of Meridian natural crunchy peanut butter. The apple takes away the sweet craving you get when all you can think about is chocolate, but matched with the salty peanut butter, it’s amazing! There’s nothing added to peanut butter so it’s perfect for a healthy snack and let’s face it peanut butter just brings happiness!

What’s your most embarrassing gym fail?

Well to be honest I’m generally quite a clumsy person. I’m always banging into things and falling over.  So really the question is when do I not embarrass myself at the gym? My latest and probably most embarrassing moment was when I was practicing trying to get a pull up. I was swinging on the bar trying to get some momentum but let go of the bar mid swing, flew back and landed in the chalk bucket! My PT couldn’t stop laughing, it’s safe to say that my pride, along with the bucket was dented that day!

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