by | May 11, 2015

Staying motivated can be one of the hardest challenges to overcome. Whether it be the motivation to go to the gym, getting through a workout or keeping up with your overall fitness regime, everyone seems to struggle at some point.  We caught up with Missguided Activist, Sidony, to find out what she does to stay focused and motivated…


 Set yourself goals

I find I stay most motivated when I am working towards something, at the moment it is my friend Emma’s hen do in Marbella! If you set your goals and focus on them you will be motivated to work towards that and definitely feel like you’ve achieved something when you see the difference.

 Listen to music

Sometimes before going to the gym I find it hard to physically feel ready. Make sure you have a good play list with high tempo music that makes you feel energised before and during your workout.

 Find a work out buddy!

When you are working out on your own it can be really hard to push yourself that little bit further. If you can encourage a friend to join your gym or go on a run with you then you may be surprised at what you can do. I always work harder when I have Emma there encouraging me to do another 30 seconds plank or increase my weights a little!

 Find the time

Quite often working out can take up too much time out of a day but if you set aside time to go there won’t be any excuses. Pack your gym kit and take it with you! Or you can even make exercise part of your busy schedule, take the stairs and not the lift or escalator, and walk places if you can! I often try and walk to work, it means getting up a bit earlier but it’s worth it!

 Tell people what you’re doing

Don’t be afraid to tell people you’re going on a run or going to the gym. The more people you tell then the more likely they will ask you about it – and you want to be able to tell them what you did! Even better share what you did on social media, it will make you feel good about yourself and the encouragement you get will motivate you to work out again!

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