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Killer style, mega voice and some serious sass – we caught up with X Factor star Seann Miley Moore to chat styling tips, wardrobe must-haves and what we can expect to see from him next…

seann miley moore interview

Where does your style inspo come from?

Carrie Bradshaw and cinema. I’m obsessed with the countess from this season’s American Horror Story. The street’s a runway!

What goes through your mind when putting a look together?

The 3 F’s – Fierce, Fabulous and Fresh to Death.

What inspires your beauty looks?

Naomi Campbell with a geisha brow and Kylie Jenner lips, contoured to the gods of course.

How would you describe your personal style?

I just love turning something average into high fashion couture.

What are your top styling tops?

YOLO and the higher the heel, the closer to heaven.

What does your wardrobe look like for AW?

Floor length faux furs and some knee high platforms with set pearls.

What are your favourite pieces?

My kimono and choker.

If you could have anyone’s wardrobe, whose would it be and why?

Bad gal Rihanna because she gives me everything honey.

If you had an 8 day week, what would you do with the extra day?

Go kayaking in the ocean with coconut water in my mermaid tail.

What are you listening to at the minute?

Justin Bieber’s Purpose and Selena Gomez’s Revival.

What’s next for you career wise?

Some exciting plans! Make sure you all have your lashes on because you will need to keep your eyes peeled. 😉

What was your favourite outfit on The X Factor?

Balmain head to tie with hooker heels. Along with my Louis Marriott headpiece… and yes, that was a bird on my head!

You seemed to be very hands on when it came to your aesthetic on the show, have you always had a vision?

Yes, definitely. Music to me is always about both eyes and ears. Bringing the story to life and taking the audience into a new world.

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

My Mac Night Moth lip pencil and a high waisted belt.

Who were you most starstruck by on the show?

Simon Cowell because he’s hotter in person. Love him in that stubble!

What was it like working with Grimmy?

He understood me and was fabulous throughout the whole process. He helped make my dreams a reality and accepted me as both an artist and person. Grimmy let me fly…

Who is your style icon?

Carrie Bradshaw 100%

Who would you like to win X Factor?

Che Chesterman. Grimmy’s boys to win! I love my Che bear.

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