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DJ Madam X is a certified badass girlboss. Owner of her own record label, Kaizen, she’s a leading tastemaker of the bass music scene, playing everywhere from Outlook in India to Manana in Cuba. Often championing artists from Manchester where she spent the formative years of her career, the selector is regarded for her choppy mixing style and pulls off a jazzy bomber jacket like no other. As she gets ready for the launch of her label’s second release later this month (an EP from Leeds based duo Silas & Snare), we decided to catch up with her and find out what makes her tick, her festival style and her favourite emoji.

interview dj madam x

What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

Getting to travel the world to play all my favourite music and making new friends along the way.

Tell us about your record label Kaizen.

It’s a really intimate label with a family focused ethos. Everyone on the label completes a piece of the puzzle. We’re all in it together, and we all just buzz off each other’s music and vibe. It’s made up of three of my favourite artists; Biome, Silas & Snare and Walton, and we kind of flirt between techno, heavy bass music, dubstep and Grime. Hard to define – all I know is I’m a fan.

If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

The queen Erykah Badu.

 Craziest moment of your career?

This month just gone. Playing in Malta, India and Cuba. Absolute dream.

What do you ask for your rider?

Tequila, orange juice & Pokemon Cards.

You’ve been travelling all over the world recently, what’s been the highlight?

All of it’s been incredible. It’s hard to compare them to each other as all the countries have given me totally different experiences. I learnt so much at Manana festival in Cuba and was surrounded by so many talented locals, it was inspiring. India was nuts as well. Their underground bass music scene is so dedicated, I wouldn’t have known!

dj madam x interview

Describe your festival style…

Depends on the weather and mood I’m in. Sometimes I just wanna wear baggy jumpers, boys clothes and sports gear and other times, if the sun’s out, it’s all about crop tops, comfy bottoms, or a dress. I like to rep clothes that my mates make as well, check out Meme Gold, Toromai, emibclothing – some wicked streetwear. I’m always in trainers, and I always roll deep with my earplugs and bumbag.

Biggest musical guilty pleasure?

The Bieberfever is real.

 Tell us something about you we might not know…

I’m addicted to University Challenge.

Most used emoji?

Gotta lotta love to give…

dj madam x missguided interview

Quick fire…

Fridays or Saturdays? Birthdays

Twitter or Snapchat? Instagram

Bath or shower? Swimming

Drake or Kanye? Skittles

Rock or rap?  Garage

Tattoos or no tattoos?  Henna

Cats or dogs? Penguins

New York or LA? Nolay

Beach or pool? Rain

Gold or silver? Crude oil

Pizza or cake? Pizza

Books or films?  Memories

Home or away? Home and away

Music or food? If music be the food of love play on

madam x interview

Kaizen’s London label party will take place on May 28th at The Yard, in Hackney Wick.

For more details, check out this page

Wanna know more? Follow her podcasts and playlists on Soundcloud:

Styling: Lucy bonner @libonner

Photography: AAA @felix.aaa

Words: Kamila

Kamila is a Manchester based journalist, music promoter and radio presenter.  Follow her on Twitter @kamilarymajdo // @WITCH_UNT and Instagram @kamilarymajdo