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Meet Bree Runway, a girl we have been completely crushing on for a while now – she is 100% our #WCE (Woman Crush Everyday) and has such a dope voice!  She is also the refix/mash up queen and her version of ‘Fetty Wap – My Way’ is sending Twitter through the roof right now (Bree Viralway).

We caught up with this superstar to find out who her fave songs, what makes her happiest and who her dream collaboration would be with…

interview bree runway

Hey who’s this? 

Girlllll , it’s Bree Runway!


23 years young, female and I’m from the waviest part of london, East Sideeeee.

How’s u? WUU2? 

I’m great, currently laying my edges for tomorrow’s filming underneath my head scarf and watching old Kenan and Kel episodes, haha!

OK, to start off send me a fave song of yours?

Kill Joy by my babes N.E.R.D.  I trash my room moshing to this song on a daily basis.

Describe yourself in 3 words 

Nutter, flamboyant, hilarious.

What is one quote that you live by?

Life is too short to not have dope kicks, insane fur and hair that spins necks.

What’s the first thing you do when planning a song?

I pray HARD and ask God for creativity, flow and focus (because out of me and a 5 year old I don’t know who’s attention span is worse haha)

Fave tunes on your iPhone playlist RN? 

Lady Gaga – Fashion

Lancey Fouxx – About It

Daniel OG – Plan

Sinach – Nothing is Impossible

What’s your fave Insta account to look at? 

Hmmmmmm, A$AP Rocky’s, I’m literally glued to it.  It inspires me so much

Have you ever been approached by someone who knew you but you couldn’t remember who they were at all?

Yeahhhhh, but my acting skills are on fleek so I just played along. I hate making things awkward haha!

What makes you happiest? 

Making outfits for my performances, that makes me super happy!

Do you have any or have you ever owned any pets? 

I used to have a hamster called Trixy.  She was the prettiest thing ever, R.I.P though young T 🙁 X


What is the first song you remember listening to?

Britney Spears – Slave 4 U.  You’re not ready for the routines that me and my cousin made when we first heard that song.

What did you study for GCSE?

I just remember studying music, that’s all I want to remember Loool, only thing I got an  A* in

You see a duck, you have bread, the duck wants bread – do you fling the duck some bread or just leave it?

Tbhhhhhh, fling the bread in my mouth because I’m a bread addict and run away from the duck, I’m scared of them thangs

What is one outfit that you look back on & think OMDZ what was I thinking?

Eeeeek, I wore a waistcoat and a Tshirt with flared arms and a mustard skirt and converse, the colour combos were vile too, what was I thinking!

You’re on Come Dine with Me – which four celebs do you bring to the crib? 

Ooooo *does the birdman hand rub* Lady Gaga, Travis Scott , Quavo from Migos, and Kylie Jenner

Dream musician to collab with?

Lady Gaga all the way, that would be just ughhhhhhh

What is one goal you have for 2k16?

To really elevate my music career to a craaaaazy height, I want to outdo myself.

What advice would you give to girls out there that would love to follow in your footsteps?

Love yourself girl, believe in yourself girl and BE YOURSELF! There’s only one you and that is your power mami

Quick fire…

Cats or dogs? None , I’m scared of all them thangs

Flake in you ice cream or no flake?Flake, pleaseeeee ✨

Hats or shades? Shades

How long did your last phone call last for? 19 seconds

runway bree

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