by | February 23, 2016

Meet Amrit, the super cool Australian born babe we’re totally crushing on right now. Amrit is a DJ who now resides in NYC. She’s got her own female led event and is also a sick singer! A girl who’s killing it with her talents, her latest single Blow just got premiered on Noisey and we haven’t stopped playing it since.

Our girl Snoochie Shy caught up with this babe for a quick chat…

amrit interview

interview dj amrit

Hey Amrit – how’s u? WUU2? 

Hi, i’m GREAT! I’m in the middle of so many exciting things right now. It’s just been Fashion Week  in NYC, so I’ve been playing a few fun gigs, I’ve just released the second single off my EP, and I’m doing some traveling in March and April.

Describe yourself in 3 words… 

I’m a fish!!! (stereotypical Pisces)

Ok so you’re a DJ yayyy!! How long have you been playing for?

I’ve been messing around for about 5 years. Taking it seriously for about 3.

What kind of vibes can we expect from an Amrit DJ set?

I like to keep a mix of hip hop, grime and trap! I also have a huge disco, funk and jazz collection, so depending on the setting.. I feel it out from there.

You also have an all girls event you do over in NYC (I need to get to this ASAP)

How’s that going and why do you think its important to set up female led events?

Yes, I do. I think it’s so important as females, in a male dominated industry to unite and work together, as opposed to against each another! When I first moved to the city, I was always the opening slot on an all male lineup and I wanted to provide a platform for talented females to come and create together. I hope that this year, we get to start incorporating live performances, and travel with it. #girlsnightout

You’ve just released a single called LIES, it’s so sick!

What was the transition from DJ’ing to actually getting in the studio and recording a song, have you always wanted to sing?

Thank you! I’ve been singing ever since I was little. I was a dorky theatre kid growing up, and ended up studying Music Theatre, then Voice at a performance school. My course was really cool, I play the piano too. So I ended up taking Film/Performance/Composition and Jazz units, my music collection was insane as a resultof that, and DJing was a great way to share it.

missguided discovered interview

Will you be doing any performances? If so, will you be nervous or excited?

Hell yes! I’m really excited. I’m used to hiding behind the decks, so it’ll be a fun change.

If u could only eat one food dish for the rest of your life what would it be?

Cajun-style seafood! (heaven)

Fave tunes on ur iphone playlist RN?

Anything by Abra, IDK Jeffrey, Meg Mac, Jazz Cartier, Tame Impala, Ye Ali, KeithCharles Spacebar, Keita Juma, Wet.  Oh man I could go on forever!!

What’s your fave Insta account to look at? 


What are your top 3 spots to hang out in NYC?

To drink, Mr Fongs or Elvis Guest House

To eat, Cheeky’s Sandwiches in the Lower East Side

Quick Fire…

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Trainers or Heels? Trainers!

Fave fruit?  Mango

Who’s the last person you called? ️ My mum

Wanna know more?

Follow Amrit on Instagram @itsamrit

Listen to her tunes on Soundcloud here