by | October 5, 2015

For the latest in the series of #MissguidedDiscovered, blogger and DJ Snoochie Shy gives us the skinny on Atlanta artist Abra aka Darkwave Duchess…

darkwave duchess

Who’s that girl? Abra aka Darkwave Duchess

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/darkwaveduchess

“Whilst on Soundcloud one morning, I stumbled across a song called Fade 2 Blaq.  I played it once, I played it twice, and then I played it non-stop for the whole week on repeat. Fade 2 Blaq came from Abra’s 6 track EP BLQ VELVET, so of course I listened to the whole entirety of this work of art and was so impressed.

You know when you whatsapp your mates and you’re like OMG do you know this gurl Abra/Dark Wave Duchess and then they’re all like ERRR OBVIOUSLY, WHY ARE U SO LATE? Well, that is what happened…and then I ended up stalking her whole Soundcloud and Instagram pages. Stalker Snoochie? I will be more than happy to take that title when it comes to Abra.

Ever since that day I have been completely transfixed by Abra’s world. Her music is completely original, fresh and creative.  She is definitely killing it! I was of course in my element when she released her self-produced second EP Rose. If you’re into soulful vocals, layered and chopped, heavy basslines, 90’s R&B, dance vibes with individual creativity tied into it and lyrics that can really get you thinking then this is the girl for you.

Head over to Abra’s Soundcloud and check her out because I am in absolute love with her. Is it Wednesday yet? I need to make her my #WCW. Please come to London soon!

Apparently she also has a black belt in taekwondo. #FunFact”

Snoochie Shy x

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