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UK shopping editor Robyn Kotze has years of fashion experience under her belt and a badass wardrobe to go with it.  Always nailing denim styling, we asked her to dress up in our new denim collection and asked her about a day in her life while we were at it…

interview with robyn kotze

How did you start your career in fashion?

I studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design and then London College of Fashion, and I also interned throughout uni so that I was ready to assist Fashion Editors and freelance Stylists when I had finished my BA. Luckily, I started assisting at Sunday Times Style when the job at InStyle came up as Senior Fashion Assistant. I owe a lot of thanks to Natalie Hartley who mentored me through uni and interning.

You’re the UK shopping editor at Instyle, what’s a typical day like for you?

My days are never regular or slow, everything had to be done an hour ago or needs to be done within the hour. Breakfast meetings to press days across London to editing our shopping pages, model shoots and new issue meetings. The day usually ends with advertising appointments and press dinners.

Who’s the most badass person you have ever worked with?

Jessica Chastain and Eva Green. Most badass and inspiring women I’ve ever met!

What’s your denim DNA style?

Oversized, boyfriend fit or tight fit in either indigo or jet-black. Be careful with some washes – always keep your denim chic or of the right type of vintage.

What are your tips to turn a day denim look to night out look?

Swap a knit for a striped clean-cut shirt or silk blouse (always wear a good bra for a slight show) and add a red lip.

What does denim mean to you?

Denim is part of my everyday life, it’s must have staple.  You can never have too much denim.

You’re a badass with a good ass in dem jeans, what do you look for in a well-fitted jean?

Fit is everything! Make sure you wear the denim and it doesn’t wear you. Less can be more!

We like to see our denim as rebellious and uncaged, who’s your badass denim wearing icon?

90’s supermodels, Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin

Do you have rules for wearing double denim or say hell to the rules and wear it all?

Keep it tonal, double denim can still be chic as well as cool.

What’s the wildest experience you’ve had in your old jeans?

Partying with Adrian Grenier and friends after what was supposed to be a quiet dinner in Soho.

Why do you think denim can be so promiscuous?

Denim is the same for everyone so it’s about the specific person wearing it and how they choose to live / rock their own life. Ask yourself who are you in your Saturday black skinnies? Whoever you want to be.

What’s your favourite item to style denim with?

An oversized, crisp, white shirt

What’s your favourite denim piece from the Missguided denim collection and why?

The tight mid-length skirts in both navy and black.  They’re super flattering and perfect with sweatshirts, sexy camis, heels and lace up flats.

Do you prefer a flare or a skin tight style?

Skin tight as I am a flat shoe lover, although a flare can be perfect when wanting to dress up with actually dressing up.

Are you a straight up indigo girl or a bleach out and distressed rouge?

Indigo girl all the way!!

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interview robyn kotze

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