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Introducing multi-talented super stylist, model, creative director and Babe of Missguided Sami Miro. We caught up with Sami on the set of her lookbook shoot for Missguided to find out all about the babe who counts Hollywood star Zac Efron as her BF and boasts over 109k followers on Insta…

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What’s your favourite piece from your Missguided shoot?

I love the high neck ribbed bodysuit. 

What’s your go-to party look?

A vintage t-shirt worn as a short dress, pointed toe leather booties or thigh-high boots, a vintage leather jacket and layers of fine gold jewelery. 

How would you describe your party style?

It’s usually vintage, effortless, sexy, casual and with a touch of masculinity. Oh, and lots of black! 

Any party tricks up your sleeve?

I can do the splits all 3 ways… 

What’s the worst party you’ve ever been to?

Parties are aaaalways fun as long as you’re in a good mood and up for it.

What’s the best?

A gathering with all my friends and good music. The more intimate the better I’d say. 

Any tips to be a good party host?

Invite people you know will get along together, have enough drinks and snacks, prepare a good playlist in advance as that always gets people in the mood…and make space for a dance off!

 What’s your idea of a big night out?

Out to dinner first, then a party and an after party, or two. 

Where’s the furthest you’ve travelled for a good party?

Once my best friend in college and I drove from Santa Clara University (1 hour north of San Fran) down to San Diego and then back the next day. It was over 1000 miles of driving. Not really worth it at that moment in time but in hindsight, it was a great party! 

How do you juggle your vintage business and modeling career?

They coincide well together. It’s a lot of focus, dedication, and perpetual creative strategizing. So fun!

How would you describe your perfect date night, staying in or going out?

Probably staying in 🙂 It’s more intimate. Going out is a fun group activity though. 

What are your favorite styling pieces?

I LOVE layering. When Sami Miro Vintage styles, more is always better. So vintage statement coats are probably my favorite styling pieces because they layer over anything.

What item of clothing can’t you live without?

My vintage bomber jacket collection.

Who is your style icon and why?

I honestly don’t have only one. One specific person doesn’t do it for me. I like a combination of people like Austin Powers, David Bowie, and Rihanna. 

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

On the street, while traveling, and on Instagram.

What best describes your style?

My style is full of juxtapositions. I don’t like too much of one thing in an outfit. I contrast sexy with masculine, 60’s with grunge, cute with hard, and so forth. Got to even it out. 

What’s your favourite fashion trend this season and why?

Turtlenecks! They are sexy in an understated, classy way and go with everything – jeans, high wasted skirts and shorts, under a dress. So versatile. 

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be?

Probably Alexander Wang.  

What’s your secret addiction?

Sushiiiiiiiiiiii – more specifically Uni!

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