by | April 15, 2015

Meet the Fashion Buyer. Babes of Missguided’s Hannah from Liverpool is a SATC enthusiast and one serious shopper! She has a pup called Oslo and loves nights out, nights in, Hip Hop, R&B and travelling the world. We hung out with her on Twitter and chatted live about working in fashion, what it takes to be a fashion buyer and her ultimate style icons. Check the chat, HOLLA!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love that no day is the same! It’s very fast paced so you have to be on the ball to keep up. Seeing a product I’ve developed being worn by someone or seeing great sales on that product gives a great sense of achievement!

How did you get into fashion buying and where did you start?

I did an International Fashion Marketing degree & a year’s placement as an Assistant Buyer to help me gain insight and experience which helped me when applying for jobs after my degree. I started a fashion blog during Uni and would apply to work placements everywhere and anywhere as long as I gained experience that I could apply to my CV.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

I think inspiration is all around us. Social media is a biggie! Instagram, Tumblr and bloggers. I read both weekly and monthly fashion mags, blogs and the fashion sections of the newspaper. I love people watching when I’m out and about shopping to get a feel for the types of things people are wearing.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

I love everything Rihanna wears. Her stylists Mel Ottenberg and Adam Selman do an amazing job! She is always switching it up so as a buyer dressing her I would never be stuck to one brief or trend. I’d have more freedom to experiment which I’d love!

Have any celebrities worn the clothes that you’ve bought?

Yes! A few recent celebs include: Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose & Naya Rivera! All beaut.

What do you think stands out on a buying assistant application?

One thing that I think can’t be taught is having ‘the eye’ for fashion. What stands out more for me is how you present yourself and your knowledge on catwalk, social media and celebrity trends. You need to keep up to date on what people are wearing and what trends are key that we need to jump on to!

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