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by | February 13, 2019

Whatever your vibe this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. You might be off on a fancy dinner date to stare lovingly into your ‘ones’ eyes and attempt to eat spag bol sexily after a bottle of wine (which is quite the skill FYI). Or you and your favourite humans may be off to dance to single ladies and cheers to the fact that you are all queens. The most important thing is to remember to LOVE THYSELF this V-Day- and what’s the best way to spread a little self-love? New stuff, of course.

Fancy Dinner Date

So, you’re committing to a classic V-Day. Good for you, there ain’t nothing wrong with sticking to a bit of tradition. After all, who doesn’t love being treated to a fancy dinner date… If you’re anything like us, though, you’ll probably have drunk an entire bottle of red by the time your main comes and will be trying to pull off some Sasha Fierce sh*t whilst tucking into your fillet steak. If you’re going for all-out V-Day then opt for a red dress, obviously, cause you can’t beat an LRD. Fancy something a bit different? A cut out lace dress is the perfect way to keep this classy yet sexy, give him just a hint of flesh, you know the drill. Worried you might spill? We hear you, babe. Go for a strappy black dress, slicked back hair and killer heels, HOT. Oh and remember to enjoy your dessert…

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Night out with your favourite babes

It’s not that you don’t have a special someone to spend Valentine’s with, it’s just you have a whole squad of special humans to share the love with. Any excuse for a night out with all your favourite babes, right? Who needs red roses when you can have 28 glasses of rose and dance to single ladies anyway? Show off your soft side in a floaty white mini dress (just make sure to toughen it up with some heeled snakeskin boots, cause nobody’s going to fall for the innocent look anyway). Another option is a satin midi dress, which is THE perfect instant outfit. Some Missguided maths coming at ya…Instant outfits = More time to pre-drink. You’re welcome. In this killer outfit who knows where the night may take you… The takeaway maybe? Now there’s a happy ending we can get on board with.

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Swipe right moment

Some would call you crazy, but going on a first date on V-Day has the potential to be the perfect start to your own personal rom-com. Plus, it’s a story for the speeches at your wedding (are we getting ahead of ourselves?). Nothing can give a person palps quite like a first date… 1. Will you like them? 2. Will they like you? 3. Will you get there and find out that they hate puppies and immediately have to leave because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life? Keep things casual and opt for nonchalant vibes in jeans and a nice top. An outfit that if things go well, is cool enough to stay out all night in and practical enough that if things aren’t going so well you can make a run for it.

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Drinks and then… Who knows…

Going rogue and going on date number three on V-Day? You’ve got balls, we like it. If you’re thinking this may all end up in an adult sleepover, then what you wear underneath is equally as important as your killer outfit. Go for underwear as outerwear. A plunging shirt and peek of your lacy bra are the perfect way to say ‘hey this might be your lucky night but we shall see’ without actually having to say it (because nobody wants to have THAT conversation). By the end of the night, if you’re dreaming of your own bed…alone, then that’s cool. You’ve looked absolutely fire, and you can pick up a takeaway on your way home. Go to bed with a burger and not a boy, there’s less drama guaranteed. Everyone’s a winner baby (except your date, but that’s his problem)…

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Night in with the boy (or girl, whatever your vibe)

Staring at each other across a table in a room full of couples not your idea of a perfect Valentine’s night? That’s cool. Why go out when you could have more fun staying in? If you’re more in the market to get undressed this Valentine’s Day then we’ve got the perfect no pants party starters… A bodysuit is the perfect minimal faff way to look absolutely fire with no bra clasp situations killing the vibe. Or, if your partner is a master in the art of releasing the girls, go for a longline bra. Yep, they’re completely impractical for everyday life, but let’s face it you’ll be wearing it for a matter of minutes so it’s cool… Plus they’ll look great on your bedroom floor. STAY SAFE KIDS, and enjoy…

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Night in, alone, with some pizza (we won’t judge)

Ignoring V-Day altogether? That’s cool. It is, after all, just another day. If you’re staying in this Valentine’s you can still treat yourself (to pizza) and new stuff to stay comfy in. Maybe you’re having the girls over to watch a violent slasher film and b*tch about people you haven’t seen since school. Or maybe you’re having some well-earned me time, with a face mask and snacks. Maybe you want to catch up on some special time with your one true love, your bed. Whatever your plans, indulge in some new ‘I’m not leaving the house clothes’. Leave your old, slouchy joggers to a hangover day (maybe Feb 15th after you’ve polished off a whole bottle of alone-time wine), and invest in some super cute satin pyjamas. V day is all about the love, so you should really make sure you’re feeling yourself.

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Whatever your vibe this Valentine’s day, we’ve got something for you. Click here to shop new in. Remember to LOVE THYSELF babes and share your looks using the #babesofmissguided

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