by | March 28, 2015

Bohemia is back and it’s time to go into the wild and young and free.  We’re packing our bags already for travels to faraway places and festivals both here and abroad.  Our wardrobe is sorted with a mix of fringing, crochets and ethereal prints but what about the neck up?

We’ll be releasing our inner wild child with wavy locks and braided plaits as we head into the sunset in a haze of good times and sweet rhymes.

festival hair 2015

Here’s how we’ll be acing one of the hottest beauty trends of the summer…


1. Part the hair and spray with heat-protecting spray.

2. Plait the hair in two loose braids – ask a friend for help here!

3. Let the hair dry (overnight if you have the time).

4. Once dry, loosen the braids and brush out for messy waves and spray with hairspray.

5. For a look that says ultimate boho babe, plait in mini plaits around the face.  Add round sunnies, feathers and you’re ready to go.

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