by | February 12, 2015

perfect match

Still looking for that perfect something? We’ve got you a date in Valentine’s dressing. Take the quiz to lock the love down and find the outfit match for you.

1.  What’s your perfect date?

A: A simple drink for two.

B: It has to be a real showstopper! You’re real hard to impress and you deserve only the best.

C: A walk in the park.

2. What’s your ideal gift?

A: Flowers and a box of chocolates.

B: A 5* holiday to the Maldives.

C: A ticket to watch your favourite sports team.

3. Who’s your perfect date?

A: Someone tall, dark and handsome.

B: They’ve got to be dressed in a tux.

C: Athletic build and never seen without a protein shake.

4. What drink would you both order at the bar?

A. Beer

B. Champagne

C. Vodka Diet Coke

5. Which chat up line would work on you?

A: Can I buy you a drink?

B: Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.

C: Do you work out?

who's your perfect match?

Mostly A’s

Basics don’t have to be basic and dressing for Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a pain when you’ve got plain dressing. DUH! You’re cool, you’re classic and you’re ownin’ an effortless wardrobe to match. Rock simple tailoring with toughed up accessories in all monochrome errythang!

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Mostly Bs

Mostly B’s

Valentine’s Day is a sham if it ain’t glam! Dress it up in midi madness and way cute clutches to be a real head turner. Gurl, you ain’t messing about! Your style needs to be noticed. Whatever the date night, you’ll be sure to stand out.

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mostly Cs

Mostly C’s

Sports luxe love is all the romance you need! Geometric shapes ‘n’ pinstripe patterns make the first move in sleek dressing. Rock it in thigh skimming minis with black leather deets. Dare to impress? Of course you do! The game is on for Valentine’s Day.

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