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Florals For Autumn – Yes, It’s A Thing

Think it’s best to scrap florals now that autumn has officially begun? Well, don’t. Wearing florals for autumn was once a fashion faux pas. But, just like double denim, what was once frowned upon is now hailed by the fashion elite. Florals are no longer reserved just for summer. We’ve rounded up this edit to prove that you can actually pull them off for autumn too. Here’s how:


For the new season, switch from bright, ditsy flowers and look to dark florals in autumnal hues – Think rust orange, mustard yellow, burgundy and forest green. During the day, opt for eye-catching small florals and lots of ’em. One word of warning, though: don’t mix and match your florals – you’ll be stepping into some serious curtain territory. If you want to add some layers, sling on a cable knitted jumper over your dress or toughen it up with a faux leather aviator jacket for added girl boss points instead.

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Florals. Ground breaking? We’ve heard that one before. But these ones will actually break some ground. If you’re stuck in a rut over what to wear for work and you’re tired of the standard grey and black trousers day-in, day-out, switch it up with florals. Just throw on a duster jacket or kimono to layer up the look and keep an eye out for structured tailoring set to be big for fall.

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Got somewhere to be this autumn-winter? Whether you’re off to a winter wedding or got a date to be the belle of the ball, florals are always a safe bet for a big event, no matter what the season. You can always opt for a floaty maxi for whimsical vibes. Or, if dresses ain’t your thing, why not try a floral jumpsuit, so you can dance the night away with no fear of flashing your knickers. Bonus.

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Evening wear

Swap out your paisley printed dresses you bought into during the summer for some silky, darker florals. We’re starting to head into the party season so intense shades are an absolute must. Frill hems, Bardot necklines and deep V’s add a feminine touch to this eye-catching look. Satin is going to be a big player this party season and beyond, so invest in your perfect floral out-out dress now. 

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Date wear

Got a hot date and desperate for an outfit that looks amazing, but also like you haven’t tried too hard? A floral day dress is a perfect option. Ruffles and frills give a daytime vibe, and opt for softer, more pastel colours than you would in the evening. Worried you’re going to freeze your t*ts off? Layer up with an oversized knit, or even a blazer for smarter vibes. 

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Celebrate the best summer we’ve had in years by refusing to give up your florals:

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