WTF do I wear for freshers’ week?

Freshers’ week is a pretty mental time and the last thing you wanna be thinking about it what to wear. Our Freshers’ tips would be to prep your wardrobe before you head to Freshers’ week so you’ve got a look ticked off for every event. This is what to wear and when.

Moving In Day

missguided freshers week outfits

You wanna be COMFY. Chances are, you’ll be squished into the back of your parent’s car with boxes poking into you from every angle. You’ll also need to be comfy enough to lift some sh*t up a few flights of stairs in your new student digs. But don’t turn up in a sweaty old gym top from 2007, you gotta make that good first impression. Denim is always a winner – Opt for cool casual vibes with skinny jeans, chunky trainers and oversized tee. You’ll be meeting your new housemates and once your parents have left, it might be a speedy relocation to the SU to get to know each other over a large, cold Pinot. You made it here, maybe you cried saying bye to Mum and Dad, you deserve it girl.

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missguided freshers week outfits

At some point, you’ll be asked to turn up at the main uni building to register. This also means, you lucky thing, you will get to have your picture taken for the photo ID that you’ll be stuck with for the next 3-4 years.  You’ll be bumping into loads of people who could potentially be your new BFF, so go casual but cool when you’re signing up for any clubs or societies on registration day. An oversized t-shirt dress is literally for every occasion and can save you when the ultimate “what do I wear” breakdown comes. Swap your trainers for knee highs for an instant easy glam look when you relocate to the pub.

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First Lecture

missguided freshers week outfits

Unfortunately, the first week of uni isn’t just parties and nights out, and your first lecture will soon roll around. WTF do you wear? Pack layers when sorting your uni ‘drobe, you’re going to need something easy for the commute or walk to uni, but still look killer. Up steps, the cami dress. Big night out? Cami dress. Day in the boiling hot library? Cami dress. Lecture? Cami dress (with cute boots and oversized tee layering). No matter what you’re up to, you can always rely on the trusty cami dress. Don’t forget you’ll also need a decent size bag for your MacBook and fresh stationary.

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First night out

missguided freshers week outfits

What happens in Freshers’ week doesn’t always stay in Freshers’ week. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Be prepared for your big freshers’ night out with an LBD. We all need that staple in our wardrobe that will have us covered. In a new city, with new people, when you have no idea where you’re going or who you’re going with, you can trust on your LBD to be your BFF and guide you through the first few weeks in a new place. A blazer dress is always a good shout for the formal affair or a simple little strappy number for your average BNO. Unless it’s a toga party that is, you’ll need some old bed sheets for that one.

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The Hangover

missguided freshers week outfits

You know the drill by now, you’re too hungover to move but really feeling that need for a pizza. Don’t worry babe, your new housemates (and probs new BFFs after last night) are all going through it too. Get Dominos on speed dial. Get Netflix on tv (or 4 people huddled around one laptop if your halls come without TVs like mine did). And chill the f*ck out. You’re gonna need some decent sweats this year, trust me.

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