by | January 27, 2016

These talented babes have got us seriously girl crushin’ right now.  We love their IDGAF attitudes and killer style and so should you….

valentines missguided

Dua lipa – Singer

Why the crush?

She’s got strong hair game

Her videos are sick

Her style is enviable

She uses a lot of glitter

Follow her on Instagram @DuaLipa 

girl crush valentines day

Baby Awful – Rapper

Why the crush?

She takes no sh*t

She’s a strong ass female

Her style is slick

She has lips to die for

Follow her on Instagram @tommygenesis

girl crushes

Rainy Milo – Singer

Why The Crush?

We love her tunes

She’s a mistress of style

That face though

Cool AF

Follow her on Instagram @rainymilo

valentines missguided girl crushes

Hannah Grunden – Stylist and Illustrator

Why the crush?

Her style that can’t be touched


She’s a seriously talented babe

There’s always sh*t loads of pink

Follow her on Instagram @hannahgrunden

missguided girl crush

TK WONDER – Writer, model and singer

Why the crush?

HAIR…need we say more

She’s multi-talented

Her style is effortlessly cool (Vogue sh’t)


Follow her on Instagram @tk_wonder

missguided girl crushes valentines

Kehlani – Rapper

Why the crush?

She’s successful and inspirational

She’s got tattoos we wouldn’t dare to get

She’s the Queen of the 90s hip hop style reincarnated

How does she have time to work out and get them abs though?

Follow her on Instagram @kehlani

missguided valentines

Charlie Barker – Blogger

Why the Crush?

She doesn’t give AF

Her Tumblr is like the best ever

She’s got bubblegum, cyber goth, rave style that we can never emulate

That palm tattoo is killer

Follow her on Instagram @charliexbarker

girl crush missguided

Joyce Boneli – Make up artist

Why the Crush?

She does makeup for the Kardashians, and is the reason we try and contour

She’s got best blonde messy bob we’re ever seen

She has the cutest little boy on the planet

We want her collection of harnesses, makeup, clothes, cars….

Follow her on Instagram @joycebonelli