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How To Dress For An Interview

You’ve spent what feels like hours updating your CV, trawling across the job sites and you’ve made sure there were no school girl errors when you submitted your application. And now you’ve heard back. Congrats babe, you’ve landed yourself an interview.

The countdown is on to not only prep what you need to know about the company but also how to dress for an interview. And trust us, it can be harder than it seems. We’ve rounded up this interview guide on what you need to wear, where.

The ‘Business Formal’ Interview:

missguided how to dress for an interview

Best suited for:

Corporate, Managerial and PGCE interviews

The pressure kicks in when you’re notified that it’s a formal interview. This traditional way can sometimes throw you off course if you prepare at the last minute. No babe wants to be rooting for their heels the morning of the big day.

Don’t worry though, formal can still mean fashion. Look for a smart co-ord with a classic blouse underneath to give off girl boss vibes. Cape blazers can add an interesting edge to your look. For footwear, look for smart court shoes or ankle boots with the hem of your trousers tucked in. Everything you’re wearing needs to give a nod to a business attire dress code – that means limited jewellery and suitable necklines, no plunge cuts babes.

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The ‘Business Casual’ Interview:

missguided how to dress for an interview

Best suited for:

Usually Fashion, Design, PR, Advertising

Looking for a career in fashion, design, music or PR? You’re heading into some of the most competitive industries out there which means you need to stand out from the crowd. A fancy CV designed on Adobe InDesign can only get you so far. Chances are, creative industries usually ask you to dress business casual, allowing you to not be as restrictive as a formal interview. They also do this to test you on what you’ll actually end up wearing.

The rule of thumb for this dress code is aim to have one casual piece of clothing and the rest smart. Think: Suit with a subtly printed t-shirt or an alternative that injects some personality. Definitely still steer clear of denim for a business casual interview, even if you know people wear jeans in the office. Opt for slim fitting black trousers instead.

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The ‘Smart Casual’ Interview

missguided how to dress for an interview

Best suited for:

Interviews that specifically state this dress code – otherwise aim for the top two.

A step down from a business casual dress code is smart casual. Even more difficult to interpret, but pretty easy to nail.

This is usually a slightly smarter version of what you’d normally wear. For this outfit, aim to have one smart piece of clothing to set the foundation. This could be a lapel blazer or cigarette trousers. The rule of thumb is that you can wear smart jeans, so probably best to stick to dark denim. Only wear trainers if you’ve done loads of research into the company (or know somebody who works there) and you’re absolutely sure it’s that kind of office culture. Carry a small tote bag for some smart arm candy too. You have plenty of room to showcase your personality but make sure the one smart clothing piece you choose illustrates some boss vibes.

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You can separate yourself from the competition visually without even opening your mouth. Now go show them what you’re made of. You’re welcome, babe.

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