An actually useful guide to wearing sequins…Even if sparkle isn’t your thing.

We get it. Sometimes the shiny sh*t can be a bit too overpowering – especially when it’s literally the dress code of Christmas and you’ve heard, or seen, some absolute fashion disasters. Fear not – If you want to add a bit of sequin into your life but not sure how to sport it, this is your actually useful guide to wearing sequins. Whether you want to go all out or just add some subtle sparkle, we got you when it comes to sequin outfits, babe.

How to wear sequins when it isn’t actually dark outside

OK, so you’re not at a bar or with your squad. It’s 2pm, absolutely freezing outside and you’re 100% sober, but that’s OK. There’s no excuse not to dabble in some shiny stuff, even in the daytime. The key to mastering the look is to keep it minimal – that means choose one key piece for sequins and then mould the rest of your outfit around it.


Varsity and Americanised prints are going to be big for after Christmas, so get a head start on new season dressing by partnering up your sequins with something casual and off-duty. Think: oversized jumpers, biker boots or that faux fur jacket that you’ve been wearing practically every day since the clocks went back. Plus, if you meet up with your squad during brunch and you somehow end up at the bar, which is pretty much always the case, you’re covered to take on those spontaneous situations the Christmas period throws at you.

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How to wear sequins for the after hours:


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Amp up your look with no other than a sequin party dress to get you through the 101 invites over the festive period. There’s really no other party dress you actually need to buy. Our rule of thumb is the bolder the better. Go for all-body embellishment, whether you’re after the beetle-sequins or small metallic discs. Want to play it safe? Trial the glitz with sequin panelling instead.

Sequins are actually pretty versatile with other textures too. So if you throw on some faux fur, satin or leather, trust it to look good. Team with a faux fur jacket for an of-the-moment look or turn to a biker jacket to toughen up the feminine vibe.

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