Your week told by Kendall Jenner

FYI Kendall Jenner is turning 23 this weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!) and it’s no secret she is one of the most beautiful humans to grace this earth. What better way to celebrate this supermodel than with pictures? Here is your week told by the bday queen… Enjoy!


Monday morning mood AF, when you arrive at work after battling everyone on the commute and realise you have a whole week of that s***t in front of you. *sigh*


Sending your friends selfies like this coz you’ve survived Monday, but its STILL only Tuesday.


Kendall and Bella drinking

It’s Wednesday..which is nearly Thursday, which is nearly Friday, WHICH means its pretty much the weekend, right? Therefore forgetting all responsibility and going out for a ‘few’ drinks is 100% acceptable.


When the group chat is going OFF, some major goss from the week will have hit the chat by now and everyone is discussing outfits and plans for the weekend.


Waving goodbye to everyone at work absolutely glowing coz it’s finally the weekend.




Eating your feelings because the only way to cure a hangover and that Sunday night feeling is to carb the pain away.

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