Awaken your sexual appetite – Food to get you in the mood

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21 May, 2020

Eating food and having sex could be two of our most fave activities to pass the time and you might have heard the rumours that some foods can apparently enhance our sexual desires – hands up who remembers the scene in White Chicks where Terry Crews wolfed down a plate of Oysters to turn his date on? Named after Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love and desires, aphrodisiacs can supposedly heighten our libido and even increase our sexual stamina.


Looking at some of the science between the foods you eat and your sex drive, we’ve pulled together the tasty deets here. Plus sprinkled in ways you could incorporate some of these extra sexy foods into the bedroom with a partner… to have you really feeling like a snack.


It’s no secret that many class chocolate as an aphrodisiac. This could be due to it’s naturally high caffeine and antioxidant content, plus yummy melt-in-your-mouth silky texture. To avoid sheets covered in chocolate stains (maybe not so sexy) we’d probably opt for not dripping hot choc on your partners body (unless you DO wanna get dirty) and instead simply feeding each other sweet treats to get yourselves into the mood. You could even turn it into a sexy game by using a blindfold and asking your partner to identify what flavour choc they are eating…great if you’ve got an assortment box on the go. Or if not, the perfect excuse to get one going…


The potassium in cherries apparently helps in producing hormones that are sexual in nature. They also contain powerful antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation and maintaining a healthy sex drive. Aside form the science, they are also just super cute little fruities that easily pop their way into a bit of fun foreplay. Who doesn’t like a classic game of smooching to tie to the cherry knot? Just make sure you have somewhere handy to put the stalks and stones to one side after. Rolling around over them might not be as cute…and could potentially hurt.


It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”. Chilli’s can stimulate endorphins allowing you to feel pleasure, plus get your heart rate going leading to some healthy sweating. This will definitely get you feeling hot and steamy. However, this isn’t one we would recommend bringing into the bedroom. There’s nothing more painful than the thought of getting chilli seeds in places chilli seeds just should never go *avoids rubbing eyes frantically*


Along with conjuring up dreaminess of Harry Styles singing sweet nothings to us on the beach, fruit in hand, watermelon is also high in an amino-acid called citruline which results in increased blood flow, blood vessel relaxation and supposedly sexual arousal, making it a perfect pleasure-inducing food to enjoy with your partner. Prepare the watermelon into small bite size chunks and run them over your partner’s erogenous zones, followed by your tongue licking off the sweet juices.

Not sure on erogenous zones? Just check-back in with our good old ‘friend’ Monica who shared at least SEVEN with Chandler.


Maybe there’s a reason Avocado on a toast was such a thing? Avocados have high levels of folic acid and vitamin B9, which help in increasing our over energy levels, plus vitamin E which can help in promoting fertility. Even the Aztecs considered Avocado an aphrodisiac, with the word actually meaning “testicles” in Aztec. Does this give us even more reasons to arrange a virtual brunch with the girls?

In addition to foods, there are also herbals and drinks that some research suggests can help in getting your freak on! AND…although there does seem to be good supporting science, some do believe that aphrodisiacs are in fact just old-wives-tales and what people actually experience is likened to the placebo effect.

Wanna know our thoughts? Give it a go an spruce up your weekly food shop and test it out for yourselves 😉 

If you wanna feel at your most confident with your food play why not treat yourself (and your partner) to a new lingerie set?

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