by | January 5, 2015


Blogger Outreach Assistant Robyn works within the marketing team at Missguided and spends her days thinking up cool campaigns, working with some of our fave blogger babes.  Wanna know more about her role?  We chat to her about all things blogger…

Hey Robyn, so tell us a bit about your role as Blogger Outreach Assistant at Missguided…

My role varies every day! My main responsibility is to ensure that the bloggers and YouTubers we love the most are rocking Missguided. This could be general outreach or centred around a new campaign or launch. We do lots of planning for what is coming up so seeing an idea you’ve been working on for weeks come together is so exciting.

What does a typical day look like for you?

When I’m in the office it usually starts with replying to emails, placing orders and checking out which blogger babes have worn Missguided. Then I get onto looking at which campaigns or releases we have coming up and planning content across our all our territories. I also try to spend as much time as possible keeping up to date with everything in the blogger world and finding new girls I can’t wait to collaborate with.

If I’m not in the office I will be doing something super fun like meeting with bloggers in London, attending our seasonal press days and LFW, or hanging out at the Company Blogger Awards which we sponsored back in June.

How did you bag your role at Missguided?

I’ve blogged for nearly 8 years so have always been interested in the blogger world. One day I followed the @Missguided_PR Twitter account and saw they were recruiting for the role, I immediately brushed up my CV and covering letter and sent it over. I couldn’t believe it when I got my first interview, let alone the day Missguided called to tell me I had the job!

What’s your favourite part about the job?

My favourite part is either when a blogger or YouTuber I really admire wears Missguided, getting to meet the girls I email with every day or when a bigger project, such as Nicole x Missguided, comes together and I can look back at all the amazing coverage!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve worked on so far?

I would say both Nicole x Missguided collections were huge for us. It was the first time Missguided had collaborated with a celebrity, so working with the right bloggers and creating great content was super important. There were days when I thought everything might fall apart, but in the end everything turned out so great and I’m really proud of the campaign. It’s been great experience for the next big things we have in the pipeline!

What’s your advice for any looking to get into a similar role?

Passion is key. When I landed my job as Blogger Outreach Assistant it turned my hobby into my job and if I didn’t love it as much as I do I wouldn’t enjoy my role so much. I spend all day at work looking at blogs and working on blogger campaigns, then go home to read more blogs and check out Instagram and Twitter.

What are you looking forward to next at Missguided?

We’ve got lots of exciting plans coming up at Missguided! Our Activewear launch will be one of the biggest campaigns I have worked on so far so that’s first. I can’t wait for our next press day or LFW either. My favourite time of year is always festival season so I’m excited to come up with some awesome activity around that!