10 Working Commandments from the people bossing it RN

by | June 14, 2017

This whole work/life/career thing can be a bit, well, challenging to say the least. So we’ve asked 10 babes in the industry to let us in on their top working commandment to hopefully make your working life a bit easier. Pens at the ready, you can thank us later…

Leigh Campbell Work

1. Leigh Cambell, Lifestyle Director – The Huffington Post @leighacampbell

“Always be polite and grateful. I am lucky enough to work in a very fun industry and writing about fashion, beauty, home and fitness means I get to trial cool products and interview amazing experts. I never take any of it for granted and even though my inbox is always overflowing I make sure I respond to each pitch — it’s polite and also builds a good reputation. Having a good reputation is just as important as an impressive CV”

Ashley Haines

2. Ashley Haines, Editor at Hypebae @ashdollarsign

‘Thou shalt catch some zzz’s. No, the bags under your eyes are not designer — they’re just puffy, dark bags. Between constantly incoming emails and Slack notifications, trust me when I say getting sleep is easier said than done these days, but don’t feel guilty about turning on “Do Not Disturb” occasionally. You have to know how to disconnect, because when your energy is only at 50 percent, your work will be too’

Zack & Jamie


3. Zack & Jamie, Stylists @zackandjamiestyle

“Our top working commandment is do your research! Knowledge is power and what will make you a cut above the rest is to get up-to-speed with current and upcoming brands, gather references and work with various people – Everyone can teach you something!”

Sophie Hooper

4. Sophie Hooper – Merchandising Executive Red Magazine @sophiehooperx

@emmaread @redmagazine Photo cred: @collagevintage2 “Landing a job you simply enjoy is key. We spend almost 2,000 hours per year in the office so be sure all that precious time is spent doing something that makes you happy.”

nicole lucas5. Nicole Lucas – Stylist and Girlfriend Fashion Editor @nicolelucasstylist

“Be completely committed and determined to your specific career path. To get ahead in the long run, you really need to put your career and aspirations before other things in life. There are many holidays I missed with my friends when I was younger because I was interning for free and trying to build my profile and experience and now 12 years on I have worked for some of the magazines and brands I dreamed of working for and about to launch my swimwear label”

Holly Brunskill6. Holly Brunskill – Co owner, Managing Partner & Fashion Director b. the communications agency @b_theagency

“RESPECT! Respect your colleagues, your team no matter their level in the business. Respect their strengths, responsibilities, individual characteristics, eccentricities and ideas. Respect opinions and feedback and use progressively. Respect weaknesses and collaborate to overcome them. Earn respect through hard work, knowledge share, passion and confidence, and don’t be afraid to own up to what you don’t know. Respect the time it takes to build reputation, and your career”

Amber Jackson7. Amber Jackson- Fashion Producer This Morning TV 


“Thou shalt always be on time, live TV won’t wait for anyone!”

Emma Read8. Emma Read, Fashion Director Cosmopolitan Australia & Freelance stylist

“The top working commandment I live by is never leave for tomorrow what you can do today – I find I’m much more efficient and less stressed by hitting the most important tasks first thing, then winding up the working day with anything that’s going to get me ahead for the week”

Melissa Mason Editor9. Melissa Mason Senior Style Editor, Pedestrian TV @melissamason_

Loyalty is one of the best qualities you can develop. Learn about your company inside out so you become a personal cheer-squad for the brand, your managers and companies will LOVE that. They’ll feel confident to send you into events and meetings and have confidence you’re going to be a great representative because you know who you work for and you care about the company. You’re the face of the brand to anyone you meet in a professional setting, so being passionate about what your brand represents and being able to communicate that are huge assets in an employee sense. Plus, when you truly love your company you truly enjoy going to work!

10. Ella Cepeda – Editor at Paper.com – @ella_capedaElla Capeda Paper

“Do one thing at a time!” – Paper.com