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Student Confessions: Nightmare Housemates

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24 Oct, 2019

Moving to uni is all fun and games, a new city, new friends and most importantly, a new set of housemates.

Yeah fair enough, your parents may be pretty annoying to live with, but their constant nagging pales into comparison to your uni housemates. You now find yourself in a run down house, surrounded by dirty dishes, food thieves and bedroom dwellers.

If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one living in squalor. We asked you guys to get in touch with the most annoying housemate habits.

Scroll down for the housemate habits that annoy you the most…

Housemates from hell 😈


Leaving used q-tips lying around the bathroom


She’s so tidy that she makes me feel too messy


Popping her spots and leaving the remains on the mirror


Bringing her bum-ass ex around every week


Wearing my clothes and giving them back dirty


Biting his nails loudly and then spitting them out everywhere


Putting on the dishwasher with only 3 things in it!


Screaming loudly at Mario Kart at 2am 


The boys leaving their shaved beard (& who knows what other) hairs all over the bathroom


Kicking me out of the shower ’cause they’ve woken up late & need to leave for work


Football in the corridor


Hair in the shower plug hole


Undressing in the middle of the room and leaving clothes there like a melted person


Using his designated shelf, plus the WHOLE door of the fridge to store almond milk


Noisy-ass sex



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