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Student Confessions: Worst budget meals

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17 Oct, 2019

We’ve all been there… hungover, empty cupboards and stomach rumbling more by the second. This is where the student version of Ready Steady Cook begins. You empty your cupboards onto the kitchen side, you look at all the weird tinned vegetables and dried carbs and you have to decide ‘what the f*ck can I make with this?’

A person should never be judged by the meals they make in this state, but we are going to judge them anyway.

Now you never need to feel guilty about your Super Noodle obsession again…

Disastrous student meals 🍜


I made everyone curry confidently, but turns out that the chicken was still raw


My ex wanted to eat tuna at mine, but I didn’t have mayo, so he mixed it with lentil soup instead


BBQ sauce and baked bean pasta bake


Mashed potatoes with rice and ketchup


Pasta gravy and cheese


Brown rice and mayonnaise


Carbonara that managed to taste like sick


One of my flatmates had lettuce on toast for dinner


Cold leftover spaghetti sandwiches with ham on white bread. 


Pasta covered in BBQ sauce, I knew it was wrong but it tasted good


Cold beans and air (????)


Cheerios with water


Chilli con carne with a cheese string melted on top


Bread and BBQ sauce… It was a dark time


Super noodle sandwich- classic


Tuna and tinned tomatoes on toast

These student meals are something else, it’s no wonder fresher’s flu is rife RN.

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